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Mattheius and Godesburg restaurant projects.

Over the summer months I was working (for my company, HiBlue) to create videos for a few clients in the restaurant and event sector around Bonn. Matthieu’s restaurant in the Sudstadt is a fine place with a great outdoor seating area for the summer and a very convivial dining room indoors for the cooler months. Restaurant Godesburg, on the other hand is a big, impressive location that can host weddings and corporate events. The location, stunning.

Here’s some of the photography we did for Matthieu’s. Capturing the ‘gemutlichkeit’ (warm welcoming feeling) in the restaurant was important despite it being 30 degrees outdoors when we were there. Today it’s 10 degrees and people will be looking for that warm feeling! We tested out some time-lapse panning photography which didn’t make it into the final video but we’re glad we got a camera up on a very long pole to take an overview video of the outdoor terrace. Thankfully the customers were all happy to be part of the video and the restaurant owners were flexible to work with, even giving us access to the kitchen for some fund behind-the-scenes flaming-action shots. The final video is below.

Restuarant Godesburg required a wide range of photography and video styles due to the size of the location and range of events. Again we wanted to capture the evening ‘glow’ and were lucky enough to be there when the corporate event fireworks went off. We were also invited to dine in the restaurant which gave us the perfect opportunity to get shots of the food, the tables and some faces. I think we’ll recommend a dinner sitting to all our restaurant customers in the future! Here are a few photos that were part of the website work. One tip for local photographers: Get up on the tower if you can. It’s an amazing place for photography and we ended up spending way too long taking stock shots, videos and timelapse video. The final image video for Restaurant Godesburg is below.

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Disclaimer: Place mentioned are customers of my company.

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