Chippy in Bonn, at the Upper Crust. Pasty-licious!

Bonn has a number of strong connections with Britain. Oxford is the twin town and there’s also Brit, John le Carré’s famous book ‘A Small Town in Germany.’ Bonn also has a few connections with 1944 and 1945 that my home country was responsible for (we’ll gloss over that) and me, Chippy. I was born in Basildon and brought up in Ipswich. I’m about as British as you get. Love a cuppa splosh I do so it was with great pleasure that I took the chance to visit Upper Crust, a British cafe on the Bonner Talweg. Oh My God! The Cornish Pasty.

Phil Dickinson opened the Upper Crust last October and he tells me he’s doing well. I booked a pre-opening meet-up with him so that I could get some 360-degree photos and caught him working-up a pepper sauce with a dash of Brandy. We talked tea and Bonn and he told me how he imports his goods. You see, the Upper Crust doesn’t just make British food from local ingredients (I’ve never successfully made a Shepherd’s Pie without an Oxo cube,) it imports fresh goods too. Let’s get back to that pasty. It was direct from Cornwall. St Ives, and made with real bits of steak inside. This wasn’t your minced meat variant!

It’s going to take me a while to work my way through the menu but it’s my Birthday next month and I plan to give that full English a right good test. I’ll let you know if they’re real Heinz Baked Beans afterwards.

Fish and Chips, Egg Mayo sandwiches, Bangers and Mash. Cornish Cream Tea is available and there’s a dish of the day. You’ll find a selection of British ales and Lemonades too.

Oh, and the place looks great. There’s a beach-cafe feel to it and it’s bright and clean.

Located directly on the Bonner Talweg in the Sudstadt it’s not perfectly positioned for a relaxing cucumber sandwich and the prices, due to the cost of importing, are relatively high but then again my last cafe experience in Britain wasn’t exactly cheap.

The final question is whether Bonners will like it. I’ve tested Cornish pasties on my local friends before and it didn’t go down too well. A full English breakfast and mushy peas aren’t for everyone either but you’ll be surprised at the number of Brit-loving Bonners I meet. Let’s hope they support the Upper Crust and keep it going at least until I need my next Cornish Pasty.

Below you’ll find a set of 360-degree photos of Upper Crust. Take a look around and don’t forget to check-in for a cuppa soon. Upper Crust Cafe Teamroom on Facebook.


Upper Crust Cafe Tearoom Bonn. 360 photos by Hiblue Bonn.

InsideInside 2
Click for alternate views.

Chippy moved to Bonn in 2002 after spending some time in Duesseldorf in 1998 and hasn't moved an inch since. Originally from Ipswich, England but worked in London, Dublin and Amsterdam. Chippy has been involved with the 'internet' since 1987 and blogging since 2006.


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