As you pass through Bonn on the train and look west you’ll see a hill with a big radio mast on top. That’s the Venusberg. Around that mast lies the Venusberg district and it’s populated by around 2200 people. The Venusberg postal area is only 4 square kilometers in size, has a few shops and is a gateway to the Kottenforst forest that stretches south and west. Oh, and there’s a University Hospital where 7000 people work and over 1000 patients can stay overnight. I live there and I can tell you we have a traffic problem that needs to be fixed..niversity clinic Bonn or UKB – Wikipedia) generates a lot of traffic from workers, patients, guests and service vehicles. The UKB is currently expanding which could lead to a 50% increase in motorised traffic within 10 years . I’ve lived on the Venusberg for over 10 years so naturally it impacts my life but as a biking fan, public transport fan and alternative energy fan I think about how some of these transport solutions could help Venusberg in the future. Not only could these solutions preserve the quality of living in this area but could also promote the use of the Kottenforst as a recreational facility, help people improve their health and nurture the use of electric vehicles. My action has been spurred by a recent residents initiative and a feasibility study into a urban gondola transport system.

Note. This is not a scientific study or formal report, but informed opinion. See below for more on my background.

Summary opinion.

I don’t believe a UN Campus – Venusberg gondola will help the Venusberg traffic situation significantly and it won’t be a significant route for tourists but I think a full cross-river gondola for Bonn will work as a much better solution in many ways. It could improve perception of public transport in Bonn. It will generate new ideas for tourism. It will improve commuter journeys in many cases. It will create an important east-west route and it seems achievable for Bonn.

In order to reduce the traffic and parking issues on the Venusberg a series of measures need to be taken. E-bikes, improved public transport reliability and quality and more involvement, management and investment by the University Clinic are needed. This would help not only Venusberg but Ippendorf, Popplesdorf and other surrounding regions.